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एनआरएनए एनसीसी अमेरिकाको ९ औ साधारण सभा जारी

प्रकाशित मिति: २१ असार २०७७, आईतवार

सरस्वती शर्मा सरु -  गैरआवासीय नेपाली सँघ राष्टिृय समन्वय परिषद (एनआरएनए एनसीसी) अमेरिकाको ९ औ साधारण सभा तथा राष्टिृय ज्ञान सम्मेलन जुलाई ३ देखि सुरु भएको छ। कार्यक्रम उद्घाटनकै क्रममा नेपालका प्रधानमन्त्री केपी शर्मा ओलीले पठाउनु भएको एनआरएनए एनसीसी..

अमेरिकामा रोकिएका नेपालीहरु जुन २३ र २५ मा नेपाल जानसक्ने

प्रकाशित मिति: २ असार २०७७, मंगलवार

अमेरिका -  कोरोनाको महामारीका कारण अमेरिकामा रोकिएका नेपालीहरुलाई नेपाल लैजान आगामी जुन २३ र २५ मा चारवटा उडानहरु हुने भएका छन् । अमेरिकामा रहेको नेपाली दूतावासले दिएको जानकारी अनुशार उडानहरु न्युयोर्क, शिकागो, वासिंटन डिसी र डायलसबाट हुनेछन् । जुन २३ मा..

एनआरएनए, अमेरिकाको नवौं बार्षिक साधारण सभा जुलाई ४ र ५ मा

प्रकाशित मिति: २ असार २०७७, मंगलवार

सरस्वती शर्मा सरु - अमेरिका - गैरआवासीय नेपाली संघ, राष्ट्रिय समन्वय परिषद (एनआरएनए एनसीसी) अमेरिकाको नवौं बार्षिक साधारण सभा र नेशनल नलेज कन्भेन्शन २०२० जुलाई ४ र ५ मा हुने भएको छ । एनआरएनए एनसीसी अमेरिकाका महासचिव पशुपति पाण्डेका अनुसार नवौं बार्षिक..

Nepali Americans muster support for Biden

प्रकाशित मिति: २७ जेष्ठ २०७७, मंगलवार

Los Angeles - The Nepalese Americans from across the United States held a virtual meeting on June 6 to garner support for Joe Biden, Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee for 2020. The virtual meeting brought together Nepali American educators, health workers, engineers, businesspeople, and community activists from various Nepali organizations into one platform. Speaking at the meeting, State Delegate of Maryland General Assembly Harry Bhandari urged Nepali Americans to participate in local mainstream political activities. The Asian Pacific Islander (API) Caucus Chair of the California Democratic Party and Councilmember of Artesia Melissa Ramoso..

The Himalayan Expo has the full support of the government – Tourism Minister Bhattarai

प्रकाशित मिति: ३ आश्विन २०७६, शुक्रबार

Kathmandu - Government of Nepal,  Minister for Tourism Yogesh Bhattarai has pledged full support to the first 'International Himalayan Expo- 2020' to be held in Nepal from April 7 to April 3.  The Himalayan Expo - 2010 will help in BrikutiMandap International Fair Center, BrikutiMandap, Kathmandu in Nepal. This international trade fair will be personally organized by the Nepalese businessmen, with the help and participation of Nepali businessmen and Nepalese business associations, to promote Nepali handicraft and Nepalese products by targeting the much-awaited Nepal Tour Year -2020. Himalayan Expo - 2020, is sure to be in the presence of business members and..


प्रकाशित मिति: २५ असार २०७६, बुधबार

Los Angeles - The Fourth Nepalese American Convention held on July 5 -7, 2019, in Los Angeles was a grand success despite time constraints for preparation. The event, which was organized by F1 Group in association with Himalayan Helping Hand, not only thrilled our youths with sports and cultural events, but also became instrumental in uplifting our identity as Nepalese Americans; the presence of honorable California State Senator Bob Archuleta in the opening ceremony elevated our identity in Southern California as a visible minority. Addressing the attendees, Senator Archuleta lauded the Nepali community for their hard work and commitment to community service. He also..


प्रकाशित मिति: १० असार २०७६, मंगलवार

Los Angeles -  Himalayan Helping Hand, a proud sponsor of 4th Nepalese Convention 2019, sincerely likes to invite all of you to participate to this Great Convention being held from 5th to 7th July, 2019 at Long Beach Hotel Marriot. The sole purpose of this event is to unite us in one place by organizing many events that fits best in the area of your interests such as- various sports competitions, cultural and educational events. It’s purely a not- political event operated and run by youths of Nepali community. For those of you who are not fully familiar with Himalayan Helping Hand (In short, we call it triple-h) -is a non-profit organization established under 501c3..

Invitation To The 4th Nepalese American Convention by Convener Mr. Bhandari

प्रकाशित मिति: १० असार २०७६, मंगलवार

Dear valued community members, It is with great pleasure that I write to invite you to the fourth Nepalese American Convention (NAC) slated to be held on July 5-7, 2019, at Marriott Hotel in Long Beach, California. With a firm determination to bring NAC 2019 back to Los Angeles, F1 Group has partnered with Himalayan Helping Hands and LA-based Nepalese brothers and sisters. The Nepalese Americans from across the US will attend this convention besides a few special guests from Nepal, but, since the convention is happening in our town, it is our convention, and it is LA’s Nepali convention. The three-day convention features various informative sessions on education,..

Deadline Approaching: NRNA USA Youth Leadership Scholarship Applications, May 15

प्रकाशित मिति: २९ बैशाख २०७६, आईतवार

Los Angeles - This is a reminder: The deadline for student applications for 2nd annual Youth Leadership Scholarship Award (YLSA) is May 15, 2019. YLSA intends to encourage and promote student leadership and community engagement. This $1000 cash award is awarded to 4 individual from 4 different regions of USA during academic year. Applicants must be a legal resident (US citizen, permanent resident, TPS or F1 student) enrolled as full time student in a community college or a 4-year college/university in US and have a minimum GPA of 3.25 with at least 30 college credit hours completed towards their degree. An independent selection committee will evaluate received..

NRN USA, Indiana Chapter Holds Interaction

प्रकाशित मिति: २१ फाल्गुन २०७५, मंगलवार

Indianapolis, IN. - The Indiana State Chapter of the Non-Resident Nepali Association NCC of USA organized an interaction here on Sunday to drum up public support for NRN movement and fielded Gopendra Bhattrai from the State of Indiana as a candidate for General Secretary in the upcoming elections of NRN NCC of USA for the 2019-2021 term. During an interaction, the Indiana-based Nepali Diaspora from various walks of life applauded the work of the State Chapter during its less than a two-year stint in office and suggested tofurther consolidate the community members by educating them on the importance, objectives, and accomplishments of NRN NCC of USA, working in tandem..

काठमाडाैं-   केही वर्ष अघि देखि नेपालमा मनाउन थालिएको  राष्ट्रिय योग दिवसको दिन आज.. ...

काठमाडौँ - नेपाल भारत संयुक्त आयोगको छैठौँ बैठक बिहीबारदेखि भारतको राजधानी नयाँ दिल्लीमा.. ...

काठमाडौ -   प्रतिनिधिसभा विघटनविरुद्ध सर्वोच्च अदालतमा दायर भएको रिट हेर्दाहेर्दैमा राखिएको.. ...

राजधानीको चुच्चेपाटी–साँखु सडक खण्ड जीर्ण भएको वर्षौ भइसक्यो । पानी आयो भने पाइला नै सार्न.. ...

लस एन्जलस - क्यालिफोर्नियाको लस एन्जल्समा गर्मी छल्ने वाहनामा साथीहरुसंग पौडी खेल्न जांदा.. ...

पोखरा २५ बैशाख । स्वर्गीय रामजी पौडेल बादल की धर्मपत्नी चन्द्रावति पौडेलले बाचुन्जेल.. ...